Important events in the history of postal department


The history of the postal department is an ongoing story of massive depth and breadth but founded on one great principal. The principal is every person in the US (regardless of who or where they are) should have access to equitable access to safe, efficient and modest mail service. For the many years, it has existed the USPS has not disappointed. To know more about the US postal service search for Liteblue.

Important occurrences in the history of USPS

  1. Inception

After many failed attempts to establish a postal service, a central postal agency was introduced in 1961 when British Crown gave Thomas Neale a 21-year grant to establish a North America focused Postal service. On February, the same year, letters patent from two joint sovereigns (Mary II and William III) empowered Thomas to erect, settle and formulate within the main parts of the colonies an office or offices from where he can receive or dispatch letters under such rates as planters shall accept to pay.

  1. Appointment of Postmaster general

On July 26 of 1775, second continental congress members during a meeting that was held in Philadelphia agreed the bearer of the above-named title should be appointed. The person (Benjamin Franklin), designated for the united colonies, was to hold office in Philada. He would earn 1000 dollar salary per month for him/herself and 340-dollar salary for comptroller and secretary. The postmaster general would have the powers to appoint the preceding as well as the number of deputies he may deem fit.

  1. Official Post Office

The formal post office then named USPOD (US Post Office Department), was created in the year 1792. USPOD was founded on the constitutional powers that empowered the Congress to Establish post roads and post offices. Later the same year, a law was enacted to provide for an enormously expanded postal network. The expanded network served editors by collecting extremely low rates from the newspapers. The law further assured the sanctity of personal correspondence and guaranteed personal privacy.

  1. Rail Road Locomotive

Following the introduction and improvement of horse-powered and later on the steam-driven locomotives, the post office department in November of 1832 recognized of this form of transport. Subsequently, stage contractors plying the route from Philadelphia to Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, were given an allowance of 400 dollars per year to carry mails on railroads. However, the postmaster general only listed one railroad company during the first 6 months of 1836, namely route 1036 that plied between Mauch Chunk, in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

  1. Franklin Dismissal

The Crown fired Franklin in 1774 after accusing him of actions that lean towards the interests of colonies. Shortly afterward, William Goddard set up a Constitutional Post dedicated to inter-colonial mal service. Goddard previously worked as a printer and newspaper publisher. By the time Continental Congress convened at Philadelphia in 1775, the Constitutional Post was thriving with 30 post offices operating between Portsmouth and Williamsburg.


The Postal department played a vital role in national progress. It facilitated advancement into the West by providing an affordable, convenient and fast communication system. Correspondences from early settlers besides providing information encouraged migration into the south. They also helped scattered families remain in touch.

Innovative extras you can add to your truck

Having a truck is a clear sign that you are very serious about your passion but your truck may pass a wrong impression about your seriousness if it does not look cool and incredible. The addition of a few simple accessories can help in changing the entire look of the truck. Making some small modifications in the truck can also make it look cool and incredible.

You must be in need of some suggestions from an expert to find the ideas that can bring a creative look to your truck. There are plenty of ideas that you can apply to your truck but we have chosen only a few remarkable ideas that can be applied without spending a lot of money. So, if you’re looking to make your truck look cool, then you must apply these affordable ideas to your truck by addressing a few simple modifications.


Most of the new trucks now come equipped with the mudflaps. However, if your truck doesn’t have mudflaps on it, you can design them according to your needs. You can also choose to modify the mudflaps if you’re not satisfied with the current mudflaps. All you need is a thick rubber mat and your job is almost done.

The size can be determined according to the style of the truck. Applying a sticker on the mudflaps passes an impression that you’re very serious about your passion. If you don’t like the idea of designing the mudflaps yourself, you can choose to buy them from the automotive market. There are different kinds of mudflaps available in the stores. So, you can choose the one that suits you the best. And you can also purchase the stickers from the market.

Add lights

Adding the lights to the truck is the best way of changing the look of the truck. You can choose to apply the lights on different parts of the truck as there are lots of options available for you. The front bumper is the common spot where most of the truck owners apply the lights. However, some truck owners choose to apply the lights on the top of the vehicle.

We recommend that you should consider adding the trailer lights to the truck because trailer lights can add a cool and innovative look to your truck. There is a wide range of trailer lights available these days. So, you’ll easily find a perfect option for your vehicle.

Custom paint

You can hire a painter to make an object on the truck according to your preferences. Usually, people consider buying the stickers for this purpose but the stickers cannot bring a realistic look at the truck. So, if you’re looking to add a realistic look to the truck, then you must consider hiring an expert painter for this purpose. Here are some more innovative ideas that you can apply to the truck.

Are electric scooters worth the money? Analyzing the pro’s and con’s?

The electric scooters have become very popular nowadays as many people are using these scooters to travel to and from work. There are two different opinions about these scooters. One group of people say that it is the most economical way of traveling to different places as they do not have to spend any money on the fuel or any other maintenance work.

The other group of people believes that these scooters are not a valuable option as they become a severe headache in several difficult conditions. Most of these scooters lack several features that are extremely important for traveling on the busy roads. In this article, we’ll try to analyze the pros and cons of these electric scooters so that you may easily decide that whether you should buy an electric scooter or not.

Here are the pros and cons of electric scooters.

The most economical option

There is no doubt that electrical scooters are the most economical option to travel from one place to another as you do not have to worry about filling the fuel tank because these scooters work on electricity. You just have to charge them when you’re at home and then you can ride on them for more than 2 hours.

Safety features

One of the most common problems of electric scooters is that they do not have sufficient safety features available in them. There is no doubt that most of the electric scooters come with the great handle that helps you stay safe on the busy roads but there are several other features that are not included in these scooters and they can put you in a lot of danger in case of an accident.

If you’re going to use this scooter for some fun and entertainment, then it is the best option for you but if you’re looking to use it to travel on the busy roads, then you must avoid buying it because it may cost you life.

Time consuming

The electric scooters are a time-consuming option as compared to other means of transport. They can only reach a speed of 30-40mph which is not enough for those that are supposed to reach their office in time. Then the charging process can also take more than the expected time which may become a problem for you in some conditions.

Battery problems

As we have mentioned before that these scooters work on electricity and you need to charge them properly before leaving for office. Just imagine that if you forgot to charge the battery at night and the scooter gets stuck in the middle of the road due to low battery voltage, what you would do in this condition?

The electric scooters are the perfect option for those that can afford to handle these issues. Otherwise, you must avoid buying these scooters. Click Here and take a look at some other pros and cons of electric scooters to determine whether they are the right option for you or not.